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Acceptable Use Policy


Last Updated: July 27, 2022


Healthy Engage (“Company,” “we,” or “us”) maintains the Healthy Engage Healthcare Data Platform (the “Service”), which can be found at the following url address: (the “Website”). This Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”), along with the Company’s Terms of Use (located at      ) governs your access to and use of the Website and the Service. You must first read and accept this AUP before accessing the Website and using the Service. By clicking accept, below, you agree to adhere to and be bound by the terms hereof in all respects.

Prohibitions on Use

The below prohibitions have been established by the Company to comply with applicable law, ensure reliable and enjoyable service for all our users, ensure security and privacy of our (and any third party’s) network and systems, maintain the Company’s reputation as law-abiding, honorable, and customer-friendly, and preserve the privacy and security of each user’s personal information at all times.


The Website and the Service may only be used for lawful purposes and under this AUP and the Terms of Use. Additionally, you are prohibited from using the Website or the Service as follows:

  • In any manner that violates any federal, state, international, or local law or regulation;

  • In a manner that materially interferes with our activities or overall business or harms any of our customers, employees, affiliates, agents, officers, or directors;

  • To threaten, bypass, or destroy any security mechanism used with or incorporated within the Website or the Service;

  • To disparage, denigrate, insult, or otherwise make pejorative statements about the Company and/or any of its affiliates, directors, officers, employees, partners, brand, products, or service;

  • To transmit any content or information that is offensive, lewd, pornographic, defamatory, libelous, harassing, tortious, abusive, illegal, prejudice, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate or objectionable;

  • To transmit any marketing, advertising, or promotional materials, including without limitation any “spam,” "junk mail," or other deceptive or unsolicited bulk or commercial email;

  • To harm, or attempt to harm, minors in any way;

  • To modify, sub-license, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, sell, disassemble, or decompile any portion of the Service and/or the Website’s functionality;

  • To impersonate the Company (including any Company officer or employee), any user of our Website and/or Service, or any other person or entity;

  • To transmit any content, data, or material that infringes the intellectual property rights or other personal rights (including privacy) of any third parties;

  • To use the Service and/or the Website in connection with unsolicited, unwanted, or harassing communications, including without limitation, SMS messages, phone calls, voice mail, chat, video, or email;

  • To transmit any content, data, or material that contains viruses, spyware, spiders, robots, worms, Trojan horses, logic bombs, or any other type of malicious or deleterious programs;

  • To use the Website or the Service to collect information about other users, including phone numbers or email addresses, without any such individual’s prior explicit consent or otherwise under false pretenses of any kind;

  • In any manner that violates any other applicable policy maintained by the Company, including without limitation the Company’s Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Copyright Policy;

  • To use the Service or Website to record or monitor a phone call or other communication without first obtaining express consent from the participants per applicable law (such as California’s Invasion of Privacy Act);

  • In any manner that can reasonably be considered contrary to the Company’s goodwill, public image, and overall reputation;

  • To express or imply that any user’s statements, activities, or causes are endorsed by the Company;

  • To collect, or attempt to collect, personal information about users or other third parties without their prior knowledge and affirmative consent;

  • To divulge any of the Company’s (or any affiliate’s) proprietary information;

  • In any manner that promotes any illegal activity (such as driving under the influence, illegal drug use, violence, child abuse, or underage drinking); or

  • To knowingly receive, use, re-use, upload or download any material which:

  • Contains material that may reasonably be considered obscene, defamatory, offensive, abusive, hateful, inflammatory, harassing, violent, or otherwise objectionable;

  • Promotes pornographic or other sexually explicit material, discrimination, or violence, based on race, religion, nationality, sex, gender, disability, age, or sexual orientation;

  • Is likely to deceive any person acting reasonably under the circumstances;

  • Impersonates any person; or

  • Involves commercial activities or sales.


Monitoring and Enforcement

We maintain the right to monitor all usage by any means we deem appropriate at any time in our sole discretion and delete any material we deem illegal, inappropriate, or violative of any Company or applicable third-party policy. If the Company discovers a violation, it will take whatever action it deems reasonably necessary or appropriate to address such behavior. This may include disclosing the user’s personal information to a third party claiming that such user violated his or her rights (such as his or her intellectual property or privacy rights). It may also include taking legal action (including making a referral to law enforcement). It will most definitely include immediately suspending or terminating the user’s access to the Service and the Website. YOU HEREBY WAIVE AND HOLD HARMLESS COMPANY, ALONG WITH COMPANY’S EMPLOYEES, OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, AFFILIATES, LICENSEES, AND SERVICE PROVIDERS, FROM ANY AND ALL CLAIMS RESULTING FROM, OR ARISING DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY OUT OF, ANY ACTION TAKEN BY ANY OF THE FOREGOING PARTIES IN CONNECTION WITH INVESTIGATIONS BY EITHER COMPANY OR LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES.

Modifications and Updates to this AUP

The Company reserves the right to modify and update this AUP at any time in its sole discretion and will post a notice of such changes on the Company webstie. Except as otherwise provided by the Company, updates will be effective upon the date indicated at the top of this AUP. The updated version of the AUP will supersede all prior versions.  Note that the Company‘s failure to enforce this policy in any instance and for whatever reason shall not be construed as a waiver of its right to do so at any other time.


Account Security

Each user is responsible for any misuse of his or her account, even if the inappropriate activity was actually committed by someone other than the account holder (i.e., his or her family member or friend, for example). Therefore, each user must take all reasonable steps to protect his or her account from unauthorized access. In addition, no user may access his or her account to breach the security of any other user’s account or attempt to gain unauthorized access to another server or network. As such, each user must ensure the security of his or her password at all times, including without limitation, by not sharing it with others for any reason. Additionally, passwords should be hard to guess and changed on a regular basis.

Reporting Violators

The Company requests that any user who believes that a violation of this AUP or any other Company policy has taken place should report the alleged violation to the Company promptly. Such report shall be sent to The following information should be included:

  • Name of alleged violator(s);

  • Date and time (including time zone) of the alleged violation(s);

  • The IP address(es) used to commit the alleged violation(s);

  • Description of alleged violation(s);

  • Evidence of the alleged violation(s) (including screenshots and videos); and

  • The reporter’s involvement, if any, in the violation (and how the violation was discovered in the first instance).

The identity of those who report known or suspected violations will be maintained by the Company with the utmost secrecy at all times.


If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us at

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